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Though when we speak about “macaroni”, we remind Italy, it is said that macaroni was discovered in China. Even it is claimed that macaroni was brought to Italy where this meal is highly consumed by Marco Polo, the traveler of the XIV century after the China tour. It is doubtless that the Italians refuse this claim. It is known that the macaroni was discovered in China in the I century, event its popularity was increased during Sung dynasty that reigned during 960-1280 years, and special macaroni shops were opened.

But, the Italians claim that the Etruscan kin that lived during VII-III B.C had discovered macaroni by basing on instruments the use of which is possible in production of macaroni near one Etruscan grave. It is supposed that the Etruscan have got the prescription of macaroni from the meal cooked by cutting in the position of layer the dough called “laganon” by the Greek being in war situation at that times and the name “lasagna” has come from here. Indirectly, the conversations about that Marco Polo had eaten macaroni when he returned from China are coordinated with the confusion he felt from seeing this food in here. Nevertheless, macaroni, lasagna and ravioli were discussed in the works of literary critics such as the Italian Lacapone de Todi and Boccacio that lived in the times of Marco Polo, and that indicated that this product has existed in Italy at that time. Furthermore, we know that there are meals such as “rishta” in Near East, “sevika” in India, “itriyah” in Arabs (all of them means cotton yarn) in 1200s of our era. Even, one prescription of “rishta” meal written in 1226 was found in Bagdad. Naming the thin long macaroni of the Italian as spaghetti taken from the name “spago” (string) has strengthened the probability of this east origin.


The name “macaroni” expressing macaroni form today is a word used for responding all kinds of macaroni in initial periods. Though there are many fantastic stories about why this word was selected, the correct origin of the word is not known. While the Italian considered the name “pasta” in the meaning of dough for macaroni relevant, we preferred “macaroni” term.


The first production in a large scale was started in the beginning of the XV century, but it was ended with failure for not gaining stability. The macaroni industry has began to be created in full sense in 1800 by the discovery of climate conditions that will enable good drying and durability of macaroni in Napoli.


Saville macaroni has entered into Azerbaijan market in 2009.


Saville has the most liked ranges of macaroni: it is tasty and abundant, they are not adhered each other when cooking, its color is fine, and the taste is perfect!


Saville mark offers to year other ranges of products besides macaroni: mixed pickle, cucumber pickle, conserved mushroom, olive, grape leaf, peeled tomato in its juice and other types of jam.


Saville products favor you the worldwide cuisine traditions.


Saville is symphony of perfection!