Category: Meals
Preparation: 80 minutes

300 gr.of muttonper person
• 1onion
• 40gr.of packet butterof "Mejuzya"
•20 gr.of vinegar
•100gr. ofsugar
•15gr.of tomato paste
•25gr.of cilantroand dill
• Salt
• Pepper


  • Muttonwith onionare minced.Add somepepperand salt, mixand for 30minuteskeepin a cool place.
  • Then, fromsmallstuffedmeatsare preparedkyufta(meat balls), and friedin oil
  • Cut ​​onionsare friedseparately, add tomatopasteandafter dilutionin broth, vinegaror lemonjuice, sugar, pepper, salt is added, and is cookuntilbe ready.
  • On theroastedmeatkyuftapourthe sauceandstewfor 5-10minutesin their own juice.
  • When laying the tableon the top oftheriza-kyuftapourcut herbs.